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Comatone & Foley
Trigger Happy

Comatone (aka Greg Seiler) has been perfecting his unique form of electronic expressionism for almost ten years. While his focus has somewhat shifted over that time, the start-stop, deconstructed side of his sound has always remained the most exciting. With Trigger Happy his work takes a leap forward, with the injection of live instrumentation and the greater sense of ambient control adding an extra level of contrast and unhinged creativity.

Just when I think I have this bizarre glitch pop, cut-and-paste electronica all figured out my ears are smacked with the two minute grunge-like guitar riff closing of the track Electric Sheep. This is unashamed experimental free balling at it's best. It's brilliant, caution to the wind laptop snippet tapes mixed with victorious cries of malfunctioning robots, happy to be finally bursting out of their monotonous existence. This is unbelievably addictive as well, full to the brim with an endless changing array of butchered patterns, directional shifts and a strong hard-hitting drum backbone that forces the mind to work overtime just to keep up. If you don't like it when your music sits still, rests and/or gets comfortable following a well-worn path then this record will hit you right in the orgasm inducing sweet spot.

At the foundation of Trigger Happy is a series of near-perfect computer generated blips that have been bended and slightly shifted out of alignment. The occasionally theatrical soundscapes are built around rising, dramatic moments, yet at the same time often freely wander into a destructive path without warning. The live drums utilised throughout the album (the Foley half of the group) help give the duo's sound an organic and human feel. The way in which this contrasts with the piercing synthetic screeches, drum 'n bass loops and minimal re-arrangements is essentially what pushes this album above it's laptop-produced counterparts.

This record floored me on first listens with it's completely original, blank canvas approach, but then coaxed me into daily consumption with the fantastic level of detail packed into each of the compositions. This is genre-ignorant electronic music at it's finest.

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Comatone & Foley


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Wow, just from those two tracks it sounds great. Reminds me alot of Autechre. Will have to track this one down.

1 decade ago

Jonny Yes Yes

yessss.. i only chose to put up two tracks instead of just one because i didn't want people to think that the album had just one style.. the fact that the album shoots off into so many different directions across it's duration is one of the many enjoyable things about it..

1 decade ago

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