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Fucked Up
The Chemistry Of Common Life

In case the group's chosen moniker and the general appearance of their large tattooed frontman didn't give it away - Fucked Up are a hardcore band. But, as The Chemistry Of Common Life proves, they are not just a hardcore band. In fact, not only do they break the strict (and let's be honest - dull) 'rules' of the genre BUT they also rise above the classification as a whole and, through a fantastic injection of elements not normally heard within the confines of the hardcore 'movement', create a sound that is truly their own.

Don't get me wrong - this album will still (as their band name almost suggests) 'fuck you up'. You will feel incredibly tough while you are listening to this album and it will almost certainly make you wanna rip someone's face off. However, instead of just relying on heavy, pounding rhythms, wailing guitars and painfully hoarse vocals to smack the listener, Fucked Up use a series of contrasts - layering the expected alongside a whole load of surprising moves.

This light/dark dual personality comes together best on the album's furious opening track Son The Father. Starting with nothing more than the sound of a lone flute, the song rises into a head-numbing punk riff and maintains a blistering pace for a solid five minutes, smashing together an almost endless sea of call-and-response vocals and unhinged guitar solos, before collapsing into a hypnotic, drum-led finale. It's six minutes of the most excitingly unpredictable music to touch my ears this year. It's the kind of song which makes you want to go and get really drunk and smash car windows - just for fun.

Aside from the much needed, space-like intermission, Golden Seal, there aren't too many occasions across the 52 minutes of this album where there is enough of a break from the relentlessness to put yourself back together. It's an absolutely exhausting record, with the quieter side notes only thrown into the mix to strengthen the gut-smashing explosive moments.

Even though the overall confronting nature makes The Chemistry Of Common Life the kinda album you need to be in the mood for, the group's fantastic attention to detail (both lyrically and musically) adds enough weight to make it survive long after the punch-you-in-face impact wears off.

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Fucked Up


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Is Fuck the new Wolf?

1 decade ago


I'm really liking this one at the moment. My balls seem to grow a bit when I listen to it.

1 decade ago


Posted By: SeanIs Fuck the new Wolf?


Sweet album. Really hits the nail on the head as far as 'trying-new-sounds-and-having-it-work' goes. It's hardcore, but it's not.

1 decade ago

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