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Tactics contains ten songs that all run for less than three minutes. Essentially, this has always been Further's preferred method of delivery - short and to the point. Their sound doesn't lend itself to mess around with mood setting introductions or self-indulgent solos. This album fucks quick, but it fucks hard. It also somehow fits in eleven different moves for each 'fuck'. Keeping up this lame metaphor - when it's all done Further will ejaculate on your chest to let you know that you are special. I am not sure what that means but I challenge you to find another review that says something so ridiculous and unhelpful. We aren't very good writers so we aim to accomplish slightly more obscure things to try and get recognition and acknowledgment. Like Bobby 'Kaptain' Kaneevel, who we all know is fairly lame in comparison to his old man, Evil.

Further (who I also like to call Thurtha) have made a really fucking good record here. It runs for about 23 minutes and all of the songs are ace. Super ace. Like Kaneevel (Evil, not Bobby) who once jumped Sydney Harbour. Speaking of which - Further are from Sydney. They have released a whole bunch of EPs and albums over the past few years but this is their best work to date. At times it's garage rock at it's finest. At other times it's new age punk delivered with a thick dose of passion and emotion. Each song has it's place and purpose. For the most part that purpose is to rip you apart with it's sheer awesomeness.

Further have reached the pinnacle of their musical style. They have mastered their sound. We think you should buy this album. Right now.

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