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Polaroids Of Androids


Here's that Five-Panel Cat Snapback you've been looking for

Yes, much like 82% of you and/or the Australian tax-dodging, troll-lusting public, I woke up this morning and thought to myself — "I should start a fashion Blog". But, unlike you, I'm not coming into this like a virgin taking aim at the giant unmissable target that is an Inflamed Hooker Clit. Actually, maybe I am. Not 100% sure that Metaphor made sense. Point is, I've got Serious experience. As my/your mate, Radge "dot" Browncardigan.com, points out, I recently told Oyster Readers all about fashion cycles and baggy pants and spilling bong water and enjoying Ales while being a rebel and wearing your Kangol backwards. And I've been printing things on t-shirts over here since Courtney Cox was huffing paint and spraying Teen Spirit deodorant into the face of Kurtdle Kobain.

Justifications aside, you're currently enjoying/hating the debut post from our "Style" section, a New addition to the forever-expanding Polaroids Of Media Empire Roids. And to kick it off, here's a snapback with heaps of bloody cats on it...

More pics.

"The Cat Hat" by The Decades has been available in super limited quantities for about six months (two seasons) now. However, even if you were lucky enough to find/purchase it, chances were you'd be getting a little bit raped on the P&H, as always seems to be the case with Imported Caps and the frequently ultra-cautious packaging options.

Luckily, there's newly formed local Snapback Distributors, Mad Hata. They're currently taking orders for this cap, which will cost you just $40 and include Free Bloody Shipping to anywhere in Australia. Email them at [email protected] to place your order.

You can view/buy the full range of caps from Mad Hata (including some especially wacky options from LA-based label Ampal) over at their webspace. They'll also be setting up a one-off shop (we're probably not going to use the word pop-up) this Saturday at Glebe Markets.

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Just like a Chevy Chase movie, I endured it because it had the potential to be amusing. And just like a Chevy Chase movie, it was not and I leave confused with a sense that I've wasted a substantial chunk of my life

7 years ago

leonardo dicaprioska

Oooooh Jonny i'm off for a wank. Pussy overload.

7 years ago

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