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Vans OTW Blueberry Pritchard Nubuck

In the wise words of Arlo Eisenberg — "you can't kickflip forever". Arlo, although mocked at the time (his devil horn hairstyle didn't help), was really onto something. Eventually you wear out your dirty skate shoes, your heal is covered with unhealable blisters and your sperm tadpoles, which have remarkably evolved into walking/talking organisms, think you should Grow Up and "start dressing like a real dad like Bob Saget, like". Vans Shoe Co have picking up on this wisdom, maturing with their Target Market, and plowing forward into the world of Going Out Shoes with their reasonably priced OTW range.

This is the second incarnation of the Pritchard Nubuck design, with version 1.0 featuring a darker soul (Marvin Gaye #nohomo) and pretty much available Nowhere. There was also a furry suede carpet style offshoot (version 0.7 BETA), which seemed to be readily available Everywhere and made from fur scraped off the dead rotting corpse of the Cookie Monster. Urgh.

Pritchard and his other mates in the Vans OTW family are available now via Reed Space and the Vans Web Store and probably heaps of other places.

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What the fuck is all this?

7 years ago

Jonny Yes Yes

@tex , pair of shoes mate

7 years ago

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