Upcoming festivals... thoughts?
  • FUCKING LANEWAY!!! ... will be awesome if last years event is anything to go by...

    The playground weekender is looking mighty fine as a lineup also, and combined with it's ethos should make for contrasting experience to some of the 'get as drunk as possible, the music is incidental' attitudes that can be found at some of the other festivals.

    The development of the V fest has been slightly dissapointing since the potential of the first announcement whet my appetite enough to buy a ticket... Is a coulpe of shitty DJ's really going to help tickets sell?
  • two words
    keeg stock
    combined to one word

  • a couple of shitty DJ's won't move many V Fest tickets......

    ...but this might:

    * Beck
    * New York Dolls
    * New Young Pony Club
    * Nouvelle Vague
    * The Valentinos
    * The Ghosts

    That was enough to convince me. Got my ticket a few seconds after reading the news (and I know of a few people who did the same)
    methinks get a wriggles-on & buy a ticket asap if you wants to go...

    on a side note, I am hoping this festival isn't as badly organised as the announcements. Tickets have reportedly not been selling. Maybe they over-estimated the appeal of the PIxies? The first line-up, while promising, was not of the Big-Day-Out scale that was promised. Announcing a big name such as Beck four weeks out from the event (with no sideshows) is very odd.
  • i think everyone was hanging out for the pixies sideshow
    word is that none of the bands were contractually permitted to do sideshows unless the festival sold out ..
    i think it will sell out but only at the last minute - probably too late for any of the bands to organise shows of their own
  • yeah and laneway starts in about tee minus 2 hours
    and my pants are proof that i am excited
  • a Pixies sideshow has been announced for Friday 30th March at the Luna Park Big Top... on sale Friday 23rd March

    also.. V Festival map + playing times (PDF). The stages are named 'This stage', 'That stage' and 'Other stage', which I like for the mere fact it allows plenty of Abbott & Costello-style routines to be played out throughout the day
  • ticket info

    tickets are $75 ..

    and presale starts tomorrow.. (wednesday.. the 21st of march at 9am)
  • i gots my ticket
    anyone else?
  • nah...v fest will be enough for me.
  • i think the essential festival at surry hills on anzac will be a very nice
    almost an australian only laneway festival..
  • yeah, can't see any reason too not head on down to the essential... The price is right, and the talent on show is as good as it gets for an Australian only lineup.
  • yeah essential looks good. though i will probably forget to buy tickets and it will sell out.
  • What do we all think about The Great Escape? I like the Friday line up. Mainly because I haven't seen The Hilltop Hoods before and The Vines were awesome at BDO, would like to see them again.

    I really need to not buy any festival tix for a while though. Arghh. No money.

    You can buy Rockin For Rights wristbands online now.

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