megastick fanfare - Musing's Heartthrob
  • Sweet harmonies, maybe a touch of afro-pop, Paul Simon, maybe even a bit of those Vampire Weekend fellas who were the biggest band EVER for about 2 weeks back in 2008. Eh, either way... this song kicks ass. Voices everywhere! Harmonies? Fuck 'em. Chaos! Epic build-up! Jungle chanting! To celebrate this new song AND their continual ascension from 'some band' to 'that kickass band' the group will be playing some shows around town over the next few weeks... Wednesday, February 18: Spectrum w/ The Vignettes, The Inheritors and Hancock Basement Friday, February 20: Hopetoun Hotel, Sydney w/ Leader Cheetah and The Middle East Friday, March 13: MUM @ World Bar, Sydney view original post at:
  • these dudes are sooo good live. I'm quite excited about that gig with leader cheetah.

    why can't more sydney bands be like theseeeeee dudez. they are the shit.
  • fuck i love this song.. bring on friday already.. been dying to these guys since time began and/or 2003 (approx).. fuck
  • FRIDAY NIGHT: hopetoun for leader cheetah + megastick...jump in a cab... then... world bar for SPOD and dancing cake. yes indeed.
  • spod crew peeps... anyone know what time the spod is playing on friday?
  • pretty sure spod kicks off at midnight. leader cheetah should be done around 11.40. race you to world bar?
  • ok.... yer on.. i have furiously fast little legs
  • if you get there first you have to wear a pink dress and dance on stage but...
  • dancing cake! dancing cake! dancing cake!
  • youse bester save me some cake..
  • what time the megastickzz on bathe?
  • tonightz @ spectrum: 8.20
    fridayz @ hopetoun: 9.05
  • RAD..
    they second on at hopetoun?
  • also.. can you stall them til i get there?
  • yo, i will do my best to stall, but everyone has a half hour so methinks it'll be running in a timely fashion. also, updates:

    - spod is on at 12.30 i do believe, so less running, more strolling to be there in time
    - spunk launch is well on track to sell out if it hasn't already. pre-buy tix or get there early.

    over + out.
  • ah .. thanks for the heads up
    buying tickets now

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