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Polaroids Of Androids



Real Talk for a second mister/s. I love URLs. Nah, not Earls. Although I wish those Angry Samoans would set him Free already. I mean, Lil B is pushing Homosexuality and nobody is around to tell the world all about the dangers of "faggots" and "chomping pills". Miss u Faggotwave Revolution 2011.

But URLs. Yeah, they're the thangs that get me going. Like this wacky one. Not even just the brous.com double-up (Inception!), or the BROUS.html "drill home", but also the actual content contained within. No bullshit. Just some kids saving up their $9.69 (AUD), registering an Earl and then 'aving a laugh with it. This is EXACTLY the kind of Tom Foolery that Sir Alfred Gore had in mind when he invented the Internet in 2003.

Speaking of intoxication (shout outs to Canadian Clubbing and endless bouts of NBA Chang Time) this song, by another Brous altogether, has really been sinking me under.

As you can see/hear, Melbourne-based lass Sophia Brous creates real grown-up soul music. Passionate, and although mildly tickling the kidneys of Adult Contemporary, it managers to stay clear of our Dinner Party playlists with the enjoyable unhinged variety, mixing together passionate explosions, creepy harmonious babes/angels/slippery-ladies-of-the-night and distracting flickers of perfect soulful space pop. Hello Adult Contemptwave Revolution 2011.

Sophia's new EP, Streamers, is available now via Bandcamp.

And you can catch Ms Brous and her band playing this Thursday at the first Siamese Night at Good God, alongside Donny Benet, Kirin J Callinan, Erik Omen and Laurenz Pike.

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