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Polaroids Of Androids


Die! Die! Die!
How Ye

I spent about 35 minutes this morning trying to find a sneaky back door way to rip this video so I could embed it here. I even dusted off my cracked version of Windows XP to give the command line thing a whirl. But, alas, that shit is well and truly locked down.

So - while we wait impatiently for the exclusive-ness time limit to expire - head over to Under The Radar to watch Die! Die! Die!'s new video for How Ye, directed by New Zealand dream team Special Problems.

The band's new album, Form, is out in New Zealand next Monday (July 19) via Flying Nun. Still no word on when the album will get an Australian release date.

The band will also be doing a two week promo tour around their home land starting this Friday. Full dates and details over on their MySpace.

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Die! Die! Die!


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I can not wait for this album. The first two tracks off it are nothing short of brilliant.

7 years ago

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